What's changed in our cover?

As of the 11th March 2020, unfortunately, new policies with Pluto won’t cover trip cancellations, cutting your trip short, travel delay or missed departures because of anything related to Coronavirus.

This includes not being able to cover you for the situations below due to Coronavirus:

  • cancelling your trip before you leave
  • your trip being cancelled by an airline, event or government
  • having to cut your trip short or come home early
  • you being quarantined in the UK before your trip and not being able to travel
  • you contracting the Coronavirus before your trip and not being able to travel
  • travel delay or missed departures

What about the FCO's advice against all travel?

As long as the FCO is advising against travel, we're not able to provide new policies that are bought to cover trips that happen while the FCO advice is active.

For example, as of the the 17th March, the FCO is advising against all travel, initially, for 30 days. This would mean any policies bought after the 17th of March for a trip that's due to happen before the 15th April wouldn't be covered.

We always recommend that you follow the FCO's travel advice. If you choose to travel against their advice, you would unfortunately invalidate your travel insurance.

If you do choose to buy a policy for a future date, when the FCO isn't advising against travel, then we can still cover your trip. If the FCO advise is extended and you can no longer go abroad, then we will refund 80% of your policy. We still aren't able to cover for travel disruption caused by Coronavirus for any new policies though.

Why have you done this?

We’ve done this because at its core, insurance is designed to protect you against risks and issues that are not known when you’re buying a policy. With the rapid spread of Coronavirus and very fluid situation with countries going on lockdown, this is no longer an unknown event and as such, we’re not able to cover it anymore.

What do the policies still cover?

All our policies cover you if you become ill abroad with the virus and are quarantined outside the UK and need medical assistance or an extended stay. You won't be covered if you travel to a destination the FCO or WHO is advising against travel to.

The rest of the policy is unaffected in terms of your cover for this things not related to Coronavirus e.g. travel delays, injuries, illness and your baggage.

What about existing policies?

Importantly, existing policies are not impacted by this change. If you bought cover before this date and have the extended travel disruption extra, you may be covered to cancel your trip due to Coronavirus disruption or travel restrictions.

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