When you first buy your Pluto policy, you confirmed that you had no pre-existing conditions for the last 12 months. But life is unpredictable for the better or for the worse and we know that your health may change while you're covered.

If it does change and you're diagnosed for something, start undergoing treatment or taking medication for something, then this would be considered a change in your health.

We can continue to cover you at no extra cost. However, the only thing that won’t be covered, are claims directly and indirectly relating to your new condition e.g. if this worsened and you needed treatment. But all other parts of your cover and claims not related to this are unaffected.

If you are concerned about covering your specific condition, then we would advise you to get covered with a different insurer and add this condition to that policy.

If you do choose to buy another policy, we’d be happy to refund the remaining unused part of your policy and cancel the cover going forward. This is to avoid you having to have two policies out at the same time.

Please get in touch if this isn't clear or you think your health status may have changed after you've bought a policy.

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