We know that you might not always know all your holidays for the next 12 months or even know what the best cover is for an upcoming trip. That's why we've made it  easy to make instant changes to your policy with no pesky admin fees.

If you're increasing the level of your cover, like adding another gadget, then you'll have to pay the increase in cost of your policy. But you'll never be worse off by upgrading later on.

Here's how you can upgrade your policy:

  • Firstly you need to ensure that you're in the UK, your trip hasn't already started, and you haven't already made a claim. And also you're not aware of anything that might cause you to make a claim, for example, you're adding gadget cover after you've lost your phone.

  • Secondly, you'll need to check you're still eligible for Pluto cover. This means you're still a UK resident and don't have any pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Then, you're ready to upgrade. This is done by buying a new policy with your additional cover. You can do this here.

  • Once you're done, let us know you've bought a new policy and we'll then refund the unused days on your policy (see below for more). You can get in touch with us through our web chat or here

How much does it cost to upgrade my policy?

The cost of the upgrade will depend on all the other extras and level of cover you choose. How it works is, when you buy a new upgraded policy, we then cancel your old policy and refund you the unused days on your policy.

If your policy is a single trip, then you can make change up until the day you go away. We'll cancel your original policy, with a full refund.

If your policy is our annual cover, then your 12 months cover will restart from the day you upgrade and we will work out the number of days you had remaining on your original policy and refund a proportional amount based on that. For example, if you upgrade your policy after 6 months, then we'll refund 50% of original your policy.

Is it too late to buy or upgrade?

If you're already abroad and/or something has already gone wrong, then unfortunately it's too late. Insurance generally covers you for things that aren’t known about when you’re buying your policy or booking your trip.

With Coronavirus, for example, travel to China is already advised against by the FCO, so if you buy a policy now to protect your trip to China, you wouldn’t be able to claim for this. But, if you buy insurance now for a country that has no warnings or advise against travel, then you’ll be covered incase the situation changes.

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