We know that you might not always know all your holidays for the next 12 months, and so you might not know what your insurance should cover you for.

This is what we've made it super easy (and free) to make instant changes to your policy. That's right, no silly admin fees for making changes. If you're increasing the level of your cover, like adding another gadget, then you'll have to pay the increase in cost of your policy.

You can make any change to your policy just by messaging us via the chat icon on the bottom right, or emailing us at [email protected]. Soon you'll be able to do this all in our app.

If your policy is a single trip, then you can make change up until the day you go away. We'll cancel your original policy (with a full refund) and issue you a new one.

If your policy is our annual cover, then the most cost effective way to change your policy is if we cancel your existing one (and refund any unused part of your policy) and create a new policy with the additional cover.

Really importantly, you'll never be worse off if you make a change to your policy later down the line.

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