This usually starts with something going wrong. And we know how stressful this can be. A bag has been stolen, your belly has taken a turn for the worse or you can no longer go on holiday.

Your first step would be to check with us directly or by looking at your policy and deciding whether you think whatever has happened is covered.

As our insurance covers a very wide range of things going wrong, we’ve tried to cover most of the possible incidents and mishaps that happen on holiday. The types of claims you can submit are:

  • Baggage and money (your stuff)

  • Trip cancellation (you can no longer go away)

  • Coming home early (something’s happened which means you need to come home)

  • Medical expenses (you need medical treatment)

  • Legal expenses (you need legal support)

  • Delayed baggage (your bags don’t arrive with you)

  • Missed departure or connection (you miss your flight)

  • Travel delay (your flight’s had a long delay)

Those are just a few examples of the types of claims you’re covered for in each category. When you buy your policy with Pluto, the details of these will be made very clear.

We know most other insurers wouldn’t say this, but if in doubt, submit a claim. We can help to figure out if you're eligible.

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