With Pluto you're covered if you have to cancel your trip before you leave, or if you have to come home early due to something serious outside of your control. For instance:

  • You or your travel buddy break your leg a week before you’re due to go away, so you have to cancel the entire trip

  • There is a serious flood, fire or burglary in your flat a week before you leave or while you’re away and you have to come home early to sort it out

  • You’re made redundant, required for jury service or you work for the emergency services or the Armed Forces and are called for unexpected emergency duty

The types of expenses covered would include:

  • Flights, accommodation, deposits for activities, pre-paid charges such as excursions

However, you’re not covered if:

  • You knew there would be a high chance of you cancelling or changing your travel plans when you bought the insurance

  • You just decide you don’t feel like going away any more

  • An act of terrorism or a natural catastrophe prevents you from going away

This cover is not to be confused with cover for flight cancellations though.

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