Gadgets are added as an extra with Pluto policies. They aren't covered as part of your standard baggage cover, this is because they're usually much more valuable.

For any gadgets add to your policy, we will arrange a replacement or reimbursement if it’s been accidentally damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed during your trip. For instance:

  • You get pickpocketed and your phone is stolen

  • You drop your rucksack in the pool by accident and it breaks your tablet

If we can’t replace it, we’ll pay you for the approximate current value. See the full policy wording to understand how the age of your device affects the amount you would receive. In summary, the older your device, the less you’ll get back, this is because today’s value of your device has gone down since you bought it.

The types of devices covered would include:

  • Mobile phones, tablets, phablets, laptop, notebook

Importantly there are a few conditions to your cover:

  • You must own the gadget and have bought it yourself. Gadgets owned by your business or employee aren’t covered

  • The maximum replacement value for any device is £1,000. So if your laptop is stolen and was worth £1,200, we would only be able to provide a replacement worth £1,000

  • We can’t insure any devices made more than 3 years ago (from the start date of your trip)

  • You can only insure a maximum of 2 devices

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