You are covered if your luggage, money or travel documents and are accidentally damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed during your trip. For instance:

  • You’re mugged and your rucksack is stolen with your sunglasses and jumper

  • You accidentally leave suitcase in a taxi and it doesn’t get returned to you

  • If your baggage is delayed by more than 12 hrs, you can claim up to £<cover.delayEssentials> for essential items, like toiletries or a change of clothes

Baggage is almost anything that you bring along on your trip. Typical items considered as your baggage can be:

  • Suitcases, clothing, money, passports, watches, cameras, toiletries, jewellery

  • Importantly, electronic gadgets such as phones, tablets or laptops are not included, these are added separately as extras

We will only pay up to £250 per item. So for example, if your camera was stolen and the current value was £500 the total claim is for £500, but because the limit per item is £250, you would only be able to claim £250.

You can also claim up to £250 of money that is lost or stolen during the trip or up to 72 hours before your trip.

However, you’re not covered if:

  • You leave your luggage unattended

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