At the moment, Pluto can only cover UK residents aged between 18 and 46 years old.

We know this may not sound fair or can be frustrating if you're younger than 18 or older than 46.

We're working hard with our insurance partner to expand the range of ages we can cover as soon as we can.

But we still want to explain why age is important in insurance and why we started with this specific age range.

Insurance is unlike other products and is one of the few examples where customers can be treated differently based on their age. The reason for this is that someone’s risk (especially when travelling), in general, can be influenced by their age. This is not a perfect measure of risk, but it's one of the factors we consider when determining what price to quote and whether a quote can be given at all.

When we decided to launch our travel insurance product, we knew we had to start somewhere, as all startups do. The quickest way to launch our product, for us and our underwriter, was to restrict the age range to what we consider our core audience, millennial travellers. This means the pricing and cover could be more targeted to certain age groups.

This is not intended to be a permanent age range and we're working hard with our underwriter to expand this soon!

We hope this helps, but please message us if you have any other questions.

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