Yes, the more the merrier (literally). You and each extra person on your policy get £5 off their policy when buying it together.

On our single trip policies, you can take up to 2 more friends, partners, compadres, as long as you’re all travelling together.

On our annual/yearly policies, you can add one partner (no friends allowed, sorry). You and your partner don’t have to travel together on all of your trips, so when you do need some time away, you’re still covered.

Sorry to get all serious on you, but for (boring) legal reasons we have to make clear that a partner is: “A husband, wife or civil partner, or someone that you live with as though they were your husband, wife isn’t your best mate or that flatmate who never cleans up after themselves.

Unfortunately, we don’t cover people under 18, so kids wouldn’t be covered. We’d suggest you get a family policy if you’re travelling with the young ones.

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